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Fake money/ Gospel tracts

This is something that I just had to say something about.  A commercial for small new testament booklets came on Moody radio, and a girl mentioned she would use hers to give to waitors and waitresses at restaurants.

That reminded me of a time four or five years ago, before I became a believer, when I worked at Hardee’s, a fast food restaurant.  Often when I would go out and clean tables, I would see little strips of paper wedged underneath the salt shaker or the napkin dispenser that looked vaguely like a dollar bill. 

When I would take it out, I would find that in fact it was not money (no surprise) but on the other half were a few words that said something like “money isn’t everything in life…” and went on to a presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.I’m sure a few of you out there don’t see anything wrong with this way of evangelism.

But let me tell you that whenever I saw one of those I got really put off.  Not because they weren’t real money and I was running low, and not because it was about this guy Jesus.  No.

I was turned off becuase I perceived the people who left these around as lazy and uncaring, and I didn’t want to be involved with people of that quality. 

Now, as a believer, I still don’t like this way of evangelism, and for the same reasons. 

Why?  Let’s start with lazy.  If we are leaving around these slips of paper and running out the door, hoping that someone might see the truth and live for Christ, then we are not leaving room to answer questions, help them get connected to a body of believers who uphold the teachings of the Bible, and helping them grow in discipleship.  Christ did not call us to make converts, he called us to make disciples, and making disciples is hard work.  So no wonder leaving a gospel tract around is a popular way to “spread” the Word.

Moreoever, I feel that leaving a tract in this way is extremely uncaring.  I’ve talked to a few waitresses and waitors who have had the same thing done to them, where a group of people won’t leave a tip, but they will leave a gospel tract.  Sure, money isn’t everything.  But think about it!!!  This person has served you at your ever whim and fancy, and then they receieve a piece of paper that spouts off about this Jesus (who means nothing to them at the moment) as a suitable tip for their hard work. 

May I challenge you to not only leave the gospel tract, but also to leave a generous tip?  If we are God’s children, and the money we receive is not ours but His, how can we hold on to it like that when we know the waitress is doing a wonderful job and probably needs it more than you (who has everything in Christ Jesus).  Don’t you think the waitress will more likely see what the tract has to say when she sees that you are a generous person with a kind heart?

So before we slap down an impersonal Gospel tract and simply hope for the best, let’s put a face to our message.  Let’s first seek to live worthy of our calling, loving God, His Son, and the Spirit above all else, and love others as we so desperately love ourselves.  Perhaps then we’ll get the Word across.


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