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A Healthy Pessimism and an Ecstatic Joy

cloudsLately, I have been forced to look at reality.

The cold, dirty, vile, and disgusting reality of life as it is on earth today. 

Evil abounds in every direction.  People lie without shame, degrade their bodies without thought, steal from one another without regret, fulfill their lusts without guilt, go to sleep at night, and wake up to do it again.  Its everywhere. 

This truth saddens me, because I know (and we ALL know), that this is not the way it should be.  There is an expectation of perfection we strive to reach, but we cannot attain it.  We push and we shove, we starve ourselves, we plead and bargain to gain an inch of that ultimate perfection and we fail.  We fail miserably.  Because there is nothing good within us.  No, nothing good. 

And so our lives are tainted with an apathetic attitude, accepting the way things are, rather than seeking what they should be.

Four years ago, I was ripped out of this apathetic coma.  God, in his mercy, grabbed me out of my vileness and, by his grace, made me righteous in the blood of his son.

One would expect that the evil of this world would not be so poignant after this uplifting moment.  But, ironically, I see it clearer, more than ever before.  Knowing now that God really has ordained perfection as the status quo, I look around with even more pessimism for the state of this world. 

I can easily fall into despair (and once again, apathy) if I allow this part of reality to overshadow the other part of reality: That there is a God who has ordained a day in the future that all will be judged and all His children shall for eternity enjoy being in His family. 

Those who are invited to the Great Feast and Wedding will be admitted, and those who are cast out will be forever weeping and gnashing their teeth.  There is joy in this.  There will be justice for the vileness we see, and we can glory in the grace given to those who love God because he has overlooked our own vileness because of His Son.

Take heart, brothers and sisters, for we will not be here forever!  Don’t be overtaken by the reality you see, but cling to the reality of Heaven and the promise of His coming back!!


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