A welcome refreshment…

A refreshing revelation, much like water to the parched tongue...

A refreshing revelation, much like water to the parched tongue...

So, lately I’ve been having some personal issues that I don’t know how to deal with because I’m not even entirely sure of what these issues are.

Needless to say, I feel that these problems hinder my friendship with God, and, let’s face it, that’s true.

But I’ve come across something in the past few weeks regarding how God works with me that just doesn’t make any sense but I’m entirely grateful for it.

Somehow, even through my little rebellions and my little tantrums and my little displays of nastiness, God uses me for His glory in the lives of others.

Say what, say what?!?!?!  Yea.  Its really weird, but this revelation adds to the tower of hope I’ve been building with God lately.

It also brings me further and further into the truth that in my weakness (all of my weakness) he is strong. 

Its important to note that even though He can still be glorified through rebellion and disobedience, He is so much more glorified in willing submission and abandoned joy in Him.  That’s my goal.

By His grace I will not continue to take Him for granted and will intentionally walk with Him in the effort to glorify Him.

Keep praying.


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